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OssDsign Customer Communication Platform - CCP- for fast and compliant order management

OssDsign manufactures cranial implants and technical materials for new bone formation and is used in cranial and facial reconstruction operations. With their product, it is possible for the first time to help patients who have not previously been treated, such as patients with larger brain tumours who have grown over several years. The implant, adapted to the patient's anatomy, consists of a 3D-printed titanium mesh that provides protection and mechanical strength. The material is transformed over time into the patient's own bone.

Every Implant is tailored to each patient

OssDsign Order Management System (CCP) handles daily role management and sensitive data from medical teams worldwide and all personal data and communications are handled according to GDPR. This means that all users who log in to the CCP are verified via SecureMailbox to ensure that the right patient gets the right implant. All medical teams are managed in SecureAppbox Organizer and the communication is protected in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

“The collaboration with SecureAppbox has had a positive impact on our daily work and facilitated our order process. It is very easy to have all the communication and information about patient, defect, design proposal and quotation in a single place that is easy to access for both us and the customer. ”, Says Eva-Lena Korhonen, Customer Service Coordinator at OssDsign.


Familjehem Sweden is a Swedish national service used for managing the application process for foster parents to become a family home. In 2015, Sweden received 33 000 refugee children (travelling alone) that needed to find new homes. In order to handle this acute challenge and solve the expanding placement puzzle, a user-friendly, secure and GDPR-compliant platform needed to be developed and implemented in a matter of months.

The service was developed and implemented in a record-breaking eight weeks. Only six months later, the service covers more than 40% of the Swedish population (4M). Rapid service development, quick implementation and ease-of-use are key benefits of using the SecureAppbox platform.

The service was developed by SKL (Swedish Municipalities and Regions) in cooperation with SecureAppbox Professional Services.



Project partner EBP Solutions within E-health

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is a manual-based psychosocial program with the aim to improve the participants’ ability to manage the negative consequences of severe mental illness, promote cooperation between client and practitioner, engage participants in their own treatment, and support participants in pursuing personally meaningful recovery goals.

The vision is to build a global network for the benefits of the end-users, patients recovering from mental illnesses, which will put the highest demand on security and legality of data transfer and storage.


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“By embedding Privacy by Design principles in a secure cloud platform for collaboration and web-services, we can help our public organisations to build trust and legally compliant communication channels with citizens as well as other authorities, governments and private corporations”
Gunnar DagnåSKL
”We all have obligations to protect client’s personal data. Users must find trust, confidence and data freedom embedded in every web service and App that we download on our mobile devices. This is why regulations like the GDPR is important and concepts like SecureAppbox are needed.”
Karen Lawrence ÖqvistPrivasee
“We are excited about these new opportunities enabling us to connect and collaborate with researchers, clinicians, and patients world wide. Our vision is to build a global network for the benefits of our end-users, patients recovering from mental illnesses, which will put the highest demand on security and legality of data transfer and storage, all which SecureAppbox is providing.”
Rickard FärdigEBP Solutions