GDPR secure communication SecureMailbox

GDPR verified mailbox

Add SecureMailbox to your existing e-mail address for compliance with GDPR


Protects your workforce, anywhere, anytime!

SecureMailbox protects your collaboration with co-workers as well as external clients or important contacts. Strong authentication, legal protection and the strongest available encryption is built in by design. SecureMailbox handles classified data, bank secrecy, patient data and personal privacy laws all over the world.

  • Share sensitive photos securely and compliant
  • 6 options give you unique control on every message
  • Secure storage in smart folders.

Prices and packages

Choose the package that suits you and your company

By connecting your organization to our GDPR secure e-mail service, you will simplify your employees, partners, and customers to comply with GDPR. All of our services are secured through encryption.

All you need is included:

  • GDPR secure e-mail service 
  • Integration with existing email client
  • Two-factor authentication using two independent factors, verified by GDPR SEAL
  • GDPR Organizer, management tool of email accounts, verified by GDPR SEAL
  • GDPR Incident management 
  • GDPR send options 

Mini Business
Small Businss
Medium Business
Large Business
up to 10 users
up to 25 users
up to 50 users
up to 100 users
100 users or more
750 €/year
start fee 50 €
1 500 €/year
start fee 75 €
2 500 €/year
start fee 100 €
5 000 €/year
start fee 125 €
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Business Collaboration

Secure your organization and your business

Our platform helps your workforce to manage secure collaboration in the cloud not just between colleagues, but also with clients, consultants, project members and partners without infringing on their security.

Easily integrate with existing email platforms, SecureMailbox offers, a secure and compliant collaboration environment on any device, anytime. With the GDPR Organizer you manage security and compliance policies and organize your business groups.