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Makes your email GDPR compliant


A secure complement to your email

securemailboxSecureMailbox is a secure complement to existing email client for sending and receiving e-mail. The service is secured by encryption and strong authentication using two factors.

The advantage of SecureMailbox is that you can communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want. For new users, no installation or registration is required. A sender only needs to know the e-mail address and the mobile number to send a message so that the recipient can be verified.

The service has 7 ready-to-use security features: Hide Recipient, Read Receipt, Recipient Authentication, ID Control, Burn After Reading, For Your Eyes Only, and Expiration Date. Sending information via SecureMailbox ensures that GDPR is followed in all stages. In addition, the service ensures that all information remains within the platform.

Quick facts:

  • GDPR compliant e-mail
  • No installation required
  • GDPR-custom security features
  • Verifies all users by email and phone
  • Encryption of all information
  • Handled through Organizer

It's easy to get started with SecureMailbox, either within the company or privately. We offer different types of accounts to suit your needs.


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Built-in security features

Secure your organization and your business

Our platform helps your workforce to manage secure collaboration in the cloud not just between colleagues, but also with clients, consultants, project members and partners without infringing on their security.

Easily integrate with existing email platforms, SecureMailbox offers, a secure and compliant collaboration environment on any device, anytime. With the Organizer you manage security and compliance policies and organize your business groups.