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  • GDPR Incident launched


    The GDPR Incident helps DPOs to securely manage all types of data incidents both within the organization as well as at Data Processors.

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  • Seminar 22/3: How to act when GDPR makes personal data illegal in email


    When the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR enters into force on 25 May, the exception rule lays down the processing of personal data in e-mail. This means a major transformation for organizations. Many people find that unstructured data and email is the biggest challenge. During this breakfast...

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  • Christina Skodra Pettersson new CEO of SecureAppbox AB


    On February 1st, Christina Skodra Pettersson took over as new CEO of SecureAppbox AB.
    Christina has extensive experience from the IT and Telecom industry and comes closest to the IT consultancy company Harbor Front, where she has been CEO for the past three years.

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  • GDPR sets new e-mail management requirements - here are seven tips


    Sweden, as the only country in the EU, introduced in 2007 a legalization of personal data in e-mail through the introduction of the so-called abuse rule. The abuse rule means allowing easier rules for processing personal data in unstructured data. This applies, for example, to information about...

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