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Major update on the SecureAppbox eGov & eHealth platform

SecureAppbox, launching a major update of their cloud services that make it much easier for organisations to use our services Organizer, SecureMailbox, SharedMailbox, e-fax & Forms, to speed up and secure development of existing and new eGov and eHealth services.

SecureAppbox offer both public and private organisations a secure and privacy-aware platform without false trade-offs with usability and productivity. Many eGov and eHealth services are using all or part of the platform to secure communication, authenticate users and deliver sensitive Lab results.

One of the successful projects that using the new features is, a Swedish national e-platform for the social service that's provides webchannel for applications to familys that offer foster homes.

“The service is now updated and including SharedMailbox. With this major update can all municipalities now connect, share files and applications with each other with full support for GDPR” says Anders Jonson, Technical Project leader

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