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GDPR Organizer: Organizes your data protection according to GDPR

With the new version of GDPR Organizer, you can ensure that everyone affected by your business receive protection of communications and personal data, in accordance with current data protection laws, with built-in privacy. GDPR Organizer is avalible for all customers, Oct 1 2017.

Private companies, public sector and government need to protect their business's digital processes and everyone's personal data. Regardless of employees, customers or residents. Through our flexible management tool, personal data is stored securely, users are identified and secured with SecureMailbox to ensure that everyone communicates in accordance with current data protection laws and with built-in privacy. Sensitive information processed must be protected throughout the data life cycle, from collection to storage, handling, transfer and deletion.

Manages both your internal and external resources
GDPR Organizer is one of the few solutions in the market where you can manage both internal and external resources in the same secure platform. Most businesses today use external consultants and specialists in projects and need to offer them the same tools and protection as for employees.

Use the built in API to integrate Apps and web services
Under the "APPBOX" tab, applications are connected. This allows developers to use ready-made features in SecureAppbox which otherwise takes a long time to develop. For example, registration and strong user authentication as well as protection of app data under data protection laws. Additionally, it's easy to connect applications with SecureMailbox for secure distribution of results or analysis before being forwarded to anyone with a secured security.

  • SecureAppbox – the first Swedish company to join the EU commission for reshaping and update cloud security regulations


    ” We see it as a privilege to be a part of delivering safer cloud services to authorities and municipalities through our experiences,” says Mats Enocson, CISO.

    The Cybersecurity Regulation serves...

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  • FamiljehemSverige has decided to prolong their contract with SecureAppbox


    More than 100 regional municipalities have joined

    Today, more than 100 municipalities are connected to, a service where...

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  • The first Incident reported


    “The first Incident report came in at 11.58 PM on Monday from a GDPR Incident user. The Incident caused some action internally, but the DPO says that everything is under control”, says Anders Jonson...

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  • GDPR Incident launched


    - Given that there is only a window of 72 hours to notify your local Data Protection Authority about significant incidents, there is no time for delays and errors. says Christina Pettersson CEO at SecureAppbox


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