SecureAppbox improves access to healthcare for citizens - SecureAppbox


SecureAppbox improves access to healthcare for citizens

SecureAppbox, in collaboration with a partner, have created a healthcare application for citizens and health providers . The objective is to improve access to healthcare for the Angolan population. Business Sweden, with it's broad market knowledge and vast network, played a fundamental part in the accelerated landing for SecureAppbox entrance on the Angolan market.

SecureAppbox supports the public and private sector worldwide to successfully protect personal data, meet the regulatory requirements according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and continue to capitalize on the opportunities enabled by the internet and the digitalization of processes and services. SecureAppbox communication and Privacy by Design platform is a leading European cloud service. Their main brand SecureMailbox is currently used in more than 160 countries.

In their international expansion, SecureAppbox has a clear focus on the African continent, specifically South Africa, Mozambique and Cameroon. Business Sweden proposed to approach the Angolan market by reason of the country’s need to increase security in the communication channels between citizens and organizations, and to assure quality in work flows both within the public and private sectors.

- Business Sweden shows a deep understanding of the Angolan market and could give us relevant insights upon stakeholders, industry sector and business culture, which obviously facilitates the process of our business development, says Anders Jonsson, CEO SecureAppbox.

As a first step, Business Sweden invited SecureAppbox to establish business relations in Angola with ICT stakeholders. The objective was twofold; get first-hand knowledge about the market and to be introduced to relevant decision makers.

- To us, Business Sweden has been a guarantee of quality, both to get the correct understanding of how to act on the Angolan market, as well as a door opener to reach our target decision makers and high level political stakeholders, states Mats Simonsson, VP Sales at SecureAppbox.

- With our strategic approach and long-term commitment, collaborating with the Angolan stakeholders in their development of the ICT sector, we can qualify already in an early stage if our Swedish companies will give added-value to their business expansion. Our knowledge and professional network is a key to the Swedish ICT industry’s success in Angola, says Jennifer Ekström, Project Manager Spain, Portugal and Portuguese Speaking Africa at Business Sweden’s office in Lisbon.

After almost one year, SecureAppbox is now launching a national healthcare application across Angola, together with the local app-developing company APPY. The national healthcare app will be available for hospital workers, citizens and pharmacies in Angola and have one main objective: to qualify and improve the access to health care for the Angolan citizens.

With a strategy to increase presence in Sub-Sahara, as well as an extensive network of business relationships with key stakeholders in both public and private sectors, SecureAppbox is developing sales in other markets together with Business Sweden.

- We have now started our journey in Sub-Sahara and want to grow, both in Angola as well as on other markets. Business Sweden will continuously be a natural partner for us to assure our market entrances, open the right doors and propel growth, says Mats Simonsson. 

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  • SecureAppbox improves access to healthcare for citizens


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