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GDPR Incident launched

The GDPR Incident helps DPOs to securely manage all types of data incidents both within the organization as well as at Data Processors.

- Given that there is only a window of 72 hours to notify your local Data Protection Authority about significant incidents, there is no time for delays and errors. says Christina Pettersson CEO at SecureAppbox

It is important that all incidents can be reported and documented internally to create an understanding and knowledge within the organization what GDPR means.

GDPR Incident provide a plattform that mange secure dialogues about the incident and monitor all actions with stakeholders before making decisions. The platform handles timestamp of every action or decision. GDPR Incident is easily integrated with the organization's existing collaboration infrastructure.

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  • SharedMailbox is launched, the first GDPR verified functional-mailbox solution for both the private and the public sector


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  • SecureAppbox – the first Swedish company to join the EU commission for reshaping and update cloud security regulations


    ” We see it as a privilege to be a part of delivering safer cloud services to authorities and municipalities through our experiences,” says Mats Enocson, CISO.

    The Cybersecurity Regulation serves...

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  • FamiljehemSverige has decided to prolong their contract with SecureAppbox


    More than 100 regional municipalities have joined

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  • The first Incident reported


    “The first Incident report came in at 11.58 PM on Monday from a GDPR Incident user. The Incident caused some action internally, but the DPO says that everything is under control”, says Anders Jonson...

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