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GDPR e-Fax

Makes your faxes compliant with GDPR

GDPR e-Fax

Makes all your fax messages compliant with GDPR

GDPR e-Fax - Safe management of sensitive information

Together with Generic Mobile, we make it possible to upgrade existing faxes to new GDPR e-Fax subscriptions. All incoming messages are securely connected to a SecureMailbox account. Received faxes are distributed to their recipients, who can read and reply to the message from their PC or Mobile.

The system can be linked to Organizer

In the standard subscription all faxes are linked to a SecureMailbox account but if you want more flexibility, you can set up a group, department, or company in Organizer where distribution to more recipients are securely managed.

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GDPR e-Fax subscriptionPrice account/yearInstallation fee
1-4 faxnumbers4 000 SEK1 500 SEK
5-20  faxnumbers
3 600 SEK1 500 SEK
21-50  faxnumbers
3 400 SEKcontact sales
51+ faxnumbers3 100 SEKcontact sales

GDPR e-Fax is being developed in cooperation between Generic Mobile and SecureAppbox. The service is sold through the company's partner network