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Data protection in a connected world

About SecureAppbox

SecureAppbox is a Swedish company founded in 2011. We offer companies and organizations solutions that protects the communication of sensitive data as well as advice on data security and compliance with GDPR.

In addition to ensuring the security of how sensitive data is communicated, we strive to improve the efficiency of our customers' operations and processes through our services.

Our services today connects users in 160 countries. Our headquarter is located in Stockholm.

Innovation - Our team is constantly working on technical solutions to offer our customers the best solutions.

Simplicity - Innovation should not be complicated. Everyone should be able to protect their data.

Integrity - We choose security in particular and constantly develop new solutions for our customers to best protect sensitive information.

Partnership - We are stronger together, through cooperation with innovative partners we build trust and security for our customers.

Our Mission

We make people trust web services and Apps

SecureAppbox mission is to help both the public and private sector to successfully protect personal data, comply with GDPR and continue to capitalize on the opportunities enabled by the internet and the digitization of processes and services.

By doing that we not just help organisations to follow the law, we also help citizens, with services they can trust.