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Secure Appbox

European protection in a connected world

About SecureAppbox

SecureAppbox was founded in 2011 with the ambition to solve the cyber security issue many organisations had with e-mail over Internet. After the Edward Snowden leak, several authorities with large international operations asked if we could develop a secure messaging platform that could handle all type of classified data and the problem with FISA 702 and PRISM*.

SecureMailbox was the first service we launched (early 2014) and today we offer an integrated cloud platform with services like SecureAppbox eID, SecureMeetings, SharedMailbox, SecureForms and a Secure API. The platform is built Privacy by Design and can today be adopted to any organisation in the world. The solution protects clients in more than 160 countries every day. Today we also offer our expertise to clients that need data sovereignty and to develop “privacy by design” cloud services, mainly for the public and healthcare sector.

Our headquarter is located in Stockholm.

We offer our secure and legally adopted European platform to integrators, operators, companies and public organisations to protect sensitive data and digital collaboration with important stakeholders. 

Innovation - Our team is constantly working on technical solutions to offer our customers the best solutions.

Simplicity - Security should not be complicated. Everyone should be able to protect their data.

Integrity - The platform is built Privacy by Design and with the strongest security options default. We constantly manage our platform to protect sensitive data.

Partnership - We are stronger together, through cooperation with innovative partners we build trust and security for our customers.

*Patriot Act was 2015 replaced with Freedom Act and Section 702 of FISA.

Our Mission

We make people trust web services and Apps

SecureAppbox mission is to help both the public and private sector to successfully protect sensitive information, comply with GDPR and continue to capitalize on the opportunities enabled by the internet and the digitization of processes and services in the cloud.

By doing that we not just help organisations to follow the law, we also help citizens, with services they can trust.