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European companies and authorities need reliable communication when leading US platforms are not to be trusted. Any interruptions or unwarranted spread can have drastic effects on productivity and customer confidence. SecureAppbox services ensures secure digital dialogues - regardless of time, place or unit.

  • Secure Messaging

    SecureMailbox is our base service that's integrated within your existing email, encrypting and protect all important messaging according to EU laws and regulations. 

  • Secure Forms

    SecureForms makes it possible to securely manage data collection. The service ensures that information is securely collected and integrated within your digital processes.

  • Secure Videomeetings

    Our solution mange the demand that the public sector have regarding trusted video conversations, when leading US platforms can't be used.

GDPR & Privacy by Design

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Latest news

  • FAQ from EDPB regarding Case C-311/18


    This document present answers to some frequently asked questions regarding ruling in Case C-311/18, that was published by EDPB, July 23. SecureAppbox users and customers are not effected of this ruling. SecureAppbox services are owned, controlled and developed by Europeans for the European...

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  • SecureAppbox launch SecureMeetings, for the eGov/eHealth sector


    STOCKHOLM (April 24, 2020) - SecureAppbox launches SecureMeetings in colleboration with Compodium International AB. The service enables organisations to easily set up and manage secure video meetings where high security and privacy requirements are required.

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“By embedding Privacy by Design principles in a secure cloud platform for collaboration and web-services, we can help our public organisations to build trust and legally compliant communication channels with citizens as well as other authorities, governments and private corporations”
Gunnar DagnåSKL
”We all have obligations to protect client’s personal data. Users must find trust, confidence and data freedom embedded in every web service and App that we download on our mobile devices. This is why regulations like the GDPR is important and concepts like SecureAppbox are needed.”
Karen Lawrence ÖqvistPrivasee
“We are excited about these new opportunities enabling us to connect and collaborate with researchers, clinicians, and patients world wide. Our vision is to build a global network for the benefits of our end-users, patients recovering from mental illnesses, which will put the highest demand on security and legality of data transfer and storage, all which SecureAppbox is providing.”
Rickard FärdigEBP Solutions